Sunday, August 28, 2005

Char pictured here is modeling Linda's wrist knitting bag that Linda bought at Stitches Midwest Market this year. A couple of years ago we had a howling of a time at Stitches at dinner one night and further into the weekend about a arm ball holder. I believe Linda was the instigator of the conversation. It was a hoot. Which has really nothing to do with her purchase this year, but I just thought I would mention it.

This is Linda. She is the owner of the wrist holder. We are waiting to see how/when she uses it and how she likes it. I did see Darlene of Mosaic yarn Studio at Stitches Midwest knitting out of a tapestry bag that was joined to her belt loops. That kind of intrigued me as there was a time when I did knit while I walked around the track at Pekin Stadium. The only problem I had was that my hands got hot and sweaty and the yarn did not want to knit as fast as I wanted it too. I could see a good use for these if you had to spend a lot of time standing in lines (like at Stitches). For me the jury is out and I will wait and see what Linda thinks of it.

Last night I started cleaning around my area and decided to write down those known WIPS and what needles are hiding there. Anyone want to guess that number? There are 16 of them!!!Can you believe it? And those are the ones that are just in my immediate surroundings. Today, I am going to see what is in the drawers and on the wire rack. And just from a glance at the list, my current project is not the one I want to be knitting on but must. That is how I get in a knitting slump. It's not the weather, it is the overwhelming number of projects out there...

I do not need to worry that there is nothing in the current knitting magazines I want to knit, I have enough right here in my own space. I have plenty to keep me occupied for Fall Knitting. I'll be lucky if I have half of them done by Spring!!!

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