Saturday, August 27, 2005

The charter members of the Radical Knitters Society. Tom, one of our member's husband, dubbed us with this name a while back, because, I am not sure why, but you get the jist from our name. This is a group of ladies that knit together no matter what or at least we try. If we aren't knitting together, it is like not having coffee in the morning. In the next couple of weeks, Jan (bottom left will be moving to Texas) and Norma (top center) will be leaving us at the end of September to do a little traveling. The rest of us Char (center bottom row), Jo (right bottom row), Linda (top right) and myself (top left) will be left. We will do our best to take up knitting opportunities while Norma is away. I will occasionally have a lia sophia party to do and Jo will travel for work, but in between we will do our best to knit together when possible. We are recruiting for new members, but you know they have to fit in within us (okay so now you know how we got our name!)

These are the Radical Knitters with their bags that Jan and Norma had done for us. Aren't they great? I mean the ladies and the bags...I've said it before and I say it again, these are the best bunch of friends one could ever have! I am truly blessed. I wish this for everyone.

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