Friday, August 19, 2005

Not much knitting has been going on this week. I have been trying to close a lia sophia party all week, went to a baby shower (no knitting items given then), did a lia sophia party and went to a lia sophia meeting tonight. Next week I have two lia sophia parties and a get together with the Radical Knitters Society. Turn around and it will be the weekend again won't it??

I am hoping to work a little this weekend or knitting. And I keep wondering where the new issue of Knitter's is? Isn't about time it should be out?

Had lunch with my friend Cindy today and gave her the black mohair shawl. She loved it and proceeded to wear it back into her office today. She was cold and said it would come in handy. Over lunch, we discussed several ways that she could wear it. I am so pleased that the thing is done and she liked it! It is so nice when something is appreciated.

Wore my suede poncho today to work and to my meeting. People just can't get over that I actually made it! I really am warming up to it. It comes down and covers just the spots you want it to and keeps me warm, even when it is 90 outside!!

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