Thursday, August 25, 2005

Another fine start to the day.....I hope this isn't the way the rest of the day goes. It was good to get yesterday over cause it just was the pits, but I digress. This morning, I am up checking blogs out and the neighbor's daughter pulls up at 5:30 ish along with an ex of some sort and they commence to argue as if it was noon....geesh why don't these people go inside or better yet how come the mom doesn't come out and teach them both a lesson! But that is the way they have been since they moved in so many years ago....hear nothing, see nothing etc. As I sit here an half an hour later, they are still going at it only a little more quieter down the block but it is not over yet.....God, if my kids ever become these people and I have knowledge in it, I am gonna take em out back and reteach them something they should have learned along time ago.

Which brings me to yesterday. I just don't get it. Am I in the minority that thinks, even if you don't care for someone, you can at least be civil to them? I have a couple of ladies at work that I am dealing with a work issue on it and neither one of them seemed to have learned the basics of getting along or at least coexisting. And somehow, I seem to be in the middle cause I am trying to get a job done that concerns both of them. Today, will not be a repeat of yesterday, I repeat today will not be a repeat of yesterday.

And now someone's little kitten starts to meow outside the window AGAIN! God, I hope it isn't taking up residency outside our house! Do you think I might be PMSing???? To think I was just going to check a few blogs til Bob got his shower and then I was going to pick up on Norma's sox and figure where I tore them back to last night. Unfortunately, it is time for me to get my butt ready myself!

I need a vacation I have decided, one where I can just sit around and knit, drink coffee and do a few things. I am seriously gonna have to look at the calendar!

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