Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Have I told you lately what a great bunch of ladies I have for knitting friends?

Well, I am so blessed, truly. It has been a tough first half of the year for all of us. We have had some things going on within and around our lives and it has been tough to get together regularly. But to show you how great they are, we got together especially because I went and rescheduled two parties for our regular "meeting" nights. And last night two of our knitters presented us with the above, which most of us signed as a momento of our time together.

You see some of us talk about doing something, but Norma and Jan they carry it out! I won't throw the retirement thing in, cause if I did, my mom would just tell me I'm jealous! But aren't these wonderful? I just sit and look at it and imagine all kinds of wonderful projects being tucked in and no matter where we happen to be, I will always think of this great bunch of wonderful ladies who have become my close friends. You see we not only knit together, we solve the world's problems, we encourage each one on, whether it is with knitting or with yarn shopping!

Just who are the charter members of the "Radical Knitters Society"? Well, you have to wait a couple of weeks and then you can see a picture of all of us together with bags (knitting bags of course), but specifically the charter members of the "Radical Knitters Society" are: Norma (who lets us meet at her house), Jan (who soon will be moving to Texas, to probably start her own group), Char (who amazes me with the amount of socks she produces), Linda (who I hear does the greatest lace shawls ever), Jo (whose husband first dubbed us as the Radical Knitters!) and myself (who feels cheated if she can't knit with this group every week).

Words cannot express how I feel about these women! They are so much more than friends. Life is good, isn't it!

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