Friday, August 12, 2005

God, it's EARLY!

But we are off to Stitches market today and I like to have a little time to drink coffee and stuff. Its too early to eat at the moment. I had a party last night and when I got home, and got all my stuff kind of ready, I sat and read a little more on Harry Potter #4. I am getting really close to the end, but knew I could not finish it last night or I would be getting up before I went to bed.

Jan and Char - We will miss you today. Armed with your lists we will be off! Although I will be driving, I still have to take a little knitting along, cause I might just have time to sit and knit a spell in the market. The worse part, I can't find my tote bag that Jan gave me for Christmas. I have hid it so well so it wouldn't smell like smoke, that now I can't find it. I just hate that!! Or is that a sign it is time to clean a few spots up and re organize? That unfortunately will have to wait for another vacation time!

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