Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Shopping Opportunities Abound

Saturday was Fashion Day on QVC. I did a little damage for Fall work clothes. Sure hope they fit. But the greatest was on Sunday morning. Birkenstocks were on and they had the red clogs with sheep front on one and sheep back on the other. I had previously seen these on a blog somewhere and she had ordered them from Europe somewhere. I am so excited I am getting a pair! Another frivolous buy like the caribe blue Keds that I have not wore yet, but just had to have.

Tomorrow starts three days of vacation for me, I hope! I am doing hair and nails tomorrow and getting my oil changed late in the day, so in between, I am going to hit the Mall for a couple of things. Thursday, I'm gonna sit at home and knit, prepare for a lia sophia party I am doing, and finalize my list for Stitches Midwest on Friday!!!! I currently just have a small list, but I need to go through my needles cause it is a good time to stock on some Inox needles that I need (read as in missing in action in WIPS).....

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