Sunday, August 14, 2005


Harry Potter #4 is done, and I have just started #5!! Black Mohair Shawl as you can see here has been completed and blocked and this morning, I folded it up and it is ready to go for a birthday lunch this week. The one thing that I did after I took this pic was to straighten the blocking out, so the stitches go straight across the back rather than making a half circle.

Yesterday, I did not get much done except for grocery/Walmart shopping, so I really need to get it in gear today. The nice thing is we went into Peoria so Bob could shop for a gun that he wants to redo, so I got to knit on the black mohair shawl up and back. And last night we went out for Chinese, and when we got home I sat down and watched HSN cause there wasn't much else on, and told myself I was going to finish the black mohair shawl before I went to bed and I did!

Then I started working on the caplet that I bought the yarn for at Stitches (yarn is dead center in this pic of my Stitches purchases) and before you know it, it is like 2:00. Since I am trying to decide what to do with it, larger needle, more open, it is going to roll if I do it stockinette and is the row of single crochet around the top really going to keep it from rolling and why didn't I look at the model more closely and ask questions??? So I put it down after searching the net for answers and Sally Melville book and knowing somewhere in all my magazines there is a caplet there is an answer which today will bring. But, I really have other stuff to do! Like the poncho in the pic. Oh, I mean like laundry and cleaning and repotting those plants I bought soil and pots for...Okay, Okay, I will, I will....

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