Friday, August 26, 2005

Just a couple of thoughts for the end of the week~~~~~

I cannot believe it is finally here. It has just seems like it has been an unending week. Don't know why, it just has been. Well, I do know why, I am just glad it is over. However, today I had some knitting patterns to look at it, and someone reminded me at work today that tonight was the first football game here in Pekin. It is a sure sign of Fall isn't it?? Which makes me want to knit and finish some things so they will be ready for fall/winter weather when it comes.

The Knitlist today actually had a dissenting opinion on the new Knitter's issue!! See, Linda they do post them. But of course the tag at the end from Gail had to tell how she disagreed. Imagine that! Could be interesting to see what kind of responses come. Looks like for me I will use some of those old patterns that I have for knitting inspiration this fall.

A website I like to check out when the seasons are getting ready to change is the website of Fiberworks in Toledo Ohio.
I see now that is where I got the idea to work through Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I love reading their newsletter Uncommon Threads. It looks like they have some great classes throughout the Fall Season utilizing some great resources. Too bad they are so far away, the Fall Fashion Focus looks like something we used to do when I worked for Off the Bolt. It was such a great time and gave everybody lots of sewing inspiration back then. And then they have Knit Flicks and Friday Night Potlucks. Remember those from our Dr. Deb days Norma? It is just a really neat sounding shop. I think alot of shops could take a lesson from both Fiberworks and Threadbear FiberArts. Just my opinion.

Sunday, Bob and I will be married 29 years. Can you believe it? Who would of thunk it? It just amazes me when I think about it. Cause you know I just had by 30th birthday!!!

Watch tomorrow for Radical Knitter's Society pictures and their bags...knitting bags you sillies!

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