Saturday, August 06, 2005

I love Fall! I love Fall clothes! I love Fall knitting!

Today is Fall Fashion Day on QVC and I am having so much fun watching. Alot of the new Fall colors go with the new Fall catalog from lia sophia! The worst part is it is still gonna be 90+ for awhile so one can't think too much about fall. But I am! And I am eagerly awaiting my Fall Knitter's magazine. I hope I am not dissappointed with it!

This morning I looked at the two baby sweaters that I am knitting for the shower on the 17th. I think they may be too girlish looking of a yarn! Now I am not sure I want to do them for this set of twins. Or is it because I just don't want to be knitting on them? Hmmmm, a little of both perhaps.

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