Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping In Madison

Just a few things to report.  Of course, I was always on the look out for girlie baby knitting.  And yes, I found some great things to add to my knitting for Baby Girl H.

Can you believe it?  I didn't choose the Caribe Blue as I was tempted to.  But rather this pretty Sublime in piglet colorway.  Having some great fun knitting on it.

And with the help of knitting friend, Jenny, these buttons were just too darn cute to pass up.  I love buttons!

As I get to it, I'll post pics of what I am knitting out of this Sublime book I picked up.  There is a really cute Sailor Sweater in the book that is out of Caribe Blue and white that will be a definite for a later date.  The pattern on the front has little heart patterns on it, that will be so cute to go with the pink heart blanket I am going to knit out of Pacific.  Could be a great shower gift ensemble...

Those are the things that I bought for baby knitting.  Tomorrow, I'll show you what I bought for me.  Like I need anything.  A hit and a couple of misses.

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's All About Pacing Oneself

Lots of blocking needs to be done here.  Also, some buttons need to be added to two sweaters.

Bloomsbury Jacket.  Excited to see how this turns out when it is on.  I probably won't get a whole lot of wearing on this one as it appears that winter is really kind of over here in Central Illinois.  Thursday is March 1st and we've been having spring since about January 1st here.

Not that I am complaining, but it wrecks havoc on the sweater wearing this year.

Love my Fundamentally Faroese 1 Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's yarn and pattern.  I finished this on Saturday night while in Madison.  I still have some yarn left that I'm not sure what to do with.

 I am going to try blocking it with my knitting wires in the next couple of nights.  I've never used them yet.  This might be a nice try to give them a try.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back From Madison

What a great Knit Away Weekend in Madison.  What a great bunch of knitters. 

I'll show pics later this week of some cool yarns and patterns that I added to my yarn room.  I am so excited to start them!  Also, I'll show you what I finished.  My Fundamentally Faroese Shawl I.  So many things to talk about.

We visited three yarn shops and two of them, I made two trips to. 

My fave stop for coffee is Sow's Ear in Verona.  The Mocha/Carmel -o.  More like a treat than coffee.

My new fave shop in Madison - The Knitting Tree.  Jackie and her staff took our invasion in stride and set up a 30% sale for us or so she told us.  The Knitting Tree has some great yarns.  Not your average yarns, but Rowan, Sublime, Scrumptious, Berroco, and more. 

They have some great samples that are stylish.  Best of all the staff is most helpful on what looks good on you.  I appreciate that in a yarn shop.  Of course, I am sure they appreciated our $$.

I have tomorrow off so I get to take the day to enjoy my new stuff and hopefully get out and get some pics of it all.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Through Wind, Sleet and Snow

Nothing keeps the knitters from their appointed travel!

Off to Madison, back on Sunday.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Same As Last Year

The location is different.  Last year we went to Galena, this year Madison.

The time is the same.  Last weekend in February.

The same weather is last year.  Last year snow, this year snow in the morning when we wake up.  Snow in the direction we are going.  Unfreaking believable.  We've had 50 degree weather.  Just when I thought it was safe to put the boots away, we are getting snow. 

But, it will be gone here when we get back Sunday, it will be 40 some degrees again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Ready

On Friday, 12 of us knitters will meet up in Madison WI, for our 2nd Annual Knitting Away Weekend.  So, you know, I am planning what knitting to take!  I am containing it to my knitting bag and with the exception of one extra ball of yarn to start a new shawl, my knitting consists (so far) WIPs.  I really am trying to do my best to get some things off of needles. And this weekend, that is what I am going to do my best to do.

I finally have decided on the baby girl projects but I am leaving them at home, telling myself that once I get home I have free reign on knitting on baby stuff!

Also, along my trip, I will have my notebook of patterns.  In this notebook, are the patterns that I might need this weekend to knit on and some of the patterns that I might like to look for yarn for.

This weekend is really about knitting, but there are two shops in the area that I am planning on checking out.

Sow's Ear
and Lakeside Fibers

I've been to both of these shops last year with friend, Sue on our way to Minnesota for Minnesota Knitters Days.  I blogged then about Sow's Ear.  If I lived closer Sow's Ear would be my LYS.  They open at 8 in the morning and are attached to a coffee shop.  How much better can it get???

Looking so forward to this weekend with friends and knitting.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thinking Out A Bit

For next spring, I've already found the yarn and have it waiting in the yarn room for this cutie.

 Can't you just see it now?  When I saw the yarn, I just had to buy so I would have it when I'm ready to start.

The yellow seeds are knitted in, but I am thinking there might be an alternative way?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

So I'm Already Thinking Ahead

I'm working on Fundamentally Faroese #1 for a KAL over on the Folk Shawls board on Ravelry.  But, yesterday as I turned around at the shop, I see a yarn that is just me.  When I see something like that, I just have to buy.  This time I bought two. 

Problem is, what shall it be?  I'm already thinking about another Faroese Shawl to use both of them,  but this time from the book Faroese Knitting Patterns. 
No lace, just plain knitting and seeing how far it goes.  The yarn is Cascade's Heritage Silk Handpaint and is fingering weight.  I am not necessarily thinking about a long shawl but something to throw over turtlenecks.  Even though it appears that real winter is going away with the 40 degree temps we are having. 
One skein would have been sufficient but now I have the dilemna of using two up. 

Then there is always my fave - Wool Peddler Shawl with a ruffle again.  I seem to be a fan of Wool Peddler by Cheryl Oberle these days.  I've made one out of Kauni and donated it.  I made a shoulder one that I love wearing with my Teal Turtle.  I have one in my purse out of Miss Babs that is going to be a ruffle one. 

As always, I am heading over to Ravelry to make my decision, maybe.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Can You Guess What This Means?

You got it!  The kids are having a girl.  I don't think I will know how to act, I've been doing boy things for so long!  The pink aisle, here we come.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Awaited

Look what showed up in my mail today!  I've been waiting for this newly released tomb since I passed it up at Knit Camp in 1996.  June Hiatt has been working on this version forever and the knitting world has been asking every time we could when, when, when?  

My copy arrived today from Schoolhouse Press and this book is heavy.  I do mean heavy!! Think encyclopedia of old heavy.   But, I'm going to enjoy looking at it and having it next to the chair when I need it for reference.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Last Few Days

I had to take my laptop into work to be inventoried and updated and have been without it since then.  It's a bit of withdrawal without my laptop.  But, I did have my trusty Ipad to keep me company, but still it is not totally the same.

Without a laptop sitting within arm's reach, I have managed to get some knitting done, albeit I had to rip a good 10- 15 rows back on my Fundamentally Fareose Shawl because, well, how do I say this?  Because I follow the directions and not what I know to be true.  I really need to be less of a blind follower and more of the reading kind of knitter that both EZ and Meg teach us to be.  I'll work on that.

I think I'm coming down with a cold.  At least I hope that is all it is.  We have had a couple of people who have really been sick this last month with the respiratory stuff and off for a few days.  Thats not something I want.  I just have too much to do to have anything more than a cold.

So, I am having some tea, gonna sit back and watch the tele, catch up on some blogs and do a little knitting tonight.

It's good to have my lappie back!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We're In!

Michelle from Schoolhouse Press emailed us today. We made the roster for Knit Camp 2.75.

What a nice Valentine's Day gift. Better than flowers or candy.

Very soon, I need to start my contest entry among other things.

My laptop is being updated at work so posts will be sparse and without pictures until I get it back.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Say Ahhhh

Saturday was a good day.  I got some serious cleaning done.  I have my current knitting organized into bags and in my mind of what I am knitting on when.  It's early am and not tired so I decided to have a little treat before starting my WW week.

 Mmmmm, pretty good.  I'm not even letting the reddi whip melt into the cup.  Dipping my spoon down into the coffee, getting a bit of it and the reddi whip.  I see a new fave dessert for me at night.

 I found the Reddi Wip at Walmart and it is fat free.  Not so much with the belgian chocolate toffee creamer, but I'll just point it out when I use it.

 One of the cool things is my couch is free of knitting.  Seems like it has had a project or two sitting on it for several weeks.  They are now in my knitting bags.  That feels pretty darn good to see a place for somewhere to actually sit.

With a little bit of luck the second sleeve on the Bloomsbury Jacket should be done on Sunday and then it is just the front bands that will need to be done.  I'm hoping for a finished jacket on Tuesday night, if all goes well.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Have No Fear

Darling Daughter-in-law, I am not knitting or crocheting one of these for you.  I have way too much other knitting that I want to do for our grandbaby to be. 

I thought that might make your day, but then again if you really want one, you will have to ask.  Still, I am not sure I would knit it for you even if you wanted one. 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Website For Thursday!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

KAL - Knit A Long

Or in my case KALS - am I crazy?  Over on Ravelry, there is a KAL every where you turn.

KAL #1 from Fiber Universe - Teknika Gloves.  Yes, I have the yarn.  Yes, I have tried to cast on about four times.  Each time I have taken it out.  On hold til I can muster up a little patience.

KAL #2 from Folk Shawls -Fundamentally Faroese Shawl #1 for me.  Yes, I have cast on.  Yes, I have knitted about 6 rows.  Who knew that it would take so long to knit across one row of 316 stitches.

KAL #3 from Knitted Jackets -  This KAL doesn't start until Sunday, but I have my gauge swatch done. 

But first I need to finish Bloomsbury or at least that is my goal.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

It Is A Matter of Perspective

Did I accomplish all that I wanted this weekend?  Laundry done before noon on Sunday - that is a great accomplishment.  Cleaning - well I did a quite a bit in the yarn room yesterday and picked up a few things in the LR/DR.  Sure, more could have been done on that front, but I'll revisit that cleaning before nail day on Wednesday.

 It was a gorgeous day today, and the temp is conducive to trying some pictures outside of what I did accomplish on the knitting front.  I just did not think about it soon enough.  But, I am pleased with what I did get resolved with the knitting.

 I am concentrating on Bloomsbury Jacket.  I really want to get this second sleeve done tonight during the game.  I am amazed at how long it takes to do this last sleeve.  After the sleeve, I will just need to knit the front bands and the buttons.  When I first started Bloomsbury, I was a little concerned that I wouldn't have enough yarn.  I don't think that is going to be a problem. There will be some Dolce left and that is okay with me.

 One of the ongoing thoughts in my knitting lately as readers can tell is what to knit for the baby due in July.  They are still on the fence at whether they will find out what it is so at the moment, my knitting in either pink or blue, frilly or not is still in limbo.

But, I have had this seafoam and taupe Baby Bunny for a couple of years.  I've noodled on what it should be every change of the season.  It first was slated as a Debbie Bliss sweater for me.  Then last year, it was going to be a different Debbie Bliss sweater. 

I love these two colors together and have seen a baby ensemble with those cute Saartje booties with it.  I think I'll have enough left for a little sweater and booties, but in the mean time, this is Jared's Tweed Baby Blanket.  Very neutral but still some fun for me.

 The sun decided to duck under some clouds before I could get my final picture taken.

I'm involved in a couple of KALS on Ravelry, one being the Fundamentally Faroese Shawl on the Folk Shawls Group.  Last year at Knit Camp, I purchased from Cheryl some of her lovely yarn in Bluet, which with her help, we have ascertained that I will have enough for a shawl.  I love the yarn, but this picture shows way too brighter than it really is.

I still have to decide on the baby christening shawl pattern that I really want to do and this causes me the most distress since I know it is going to take me some knitting time.  I had a little talk with myself and when I decide on what it will be, I need to maybe set aside an hour either in the early morning or evening every day to work on it, which will require turning off the t.v. and everything else that wants to intrude. 

So, yes, I feel pretty good in what I accomplished this weekend.   Just wished I had another day.

Friday, February 03, 2012

It's Abundantly Clear

By the piles that are sitting around me, that I really need to knit more and surf the net less.  Quelle surprise!

But, what is really  abundantly clear is that I had better make my mind up about the Christening Shawl.  As I was talking to my daughter-in-law last night she made a comment that the pregnancy is 1/2 over...OMG, light a fire granny, you've got work to do. Then the email comes from her with possible shower weekends...April, May...double OMG!

Gotta run and commit tonight!!  Suggestions????

Thursday, February 02, 2012

This Is Kind Of Funny

 A few months ago, I saw this book that I thought would be kind of interesting.

 In the book was Cheryl Oberle's Baby Hanten.  Now, I am always looking at small sweaters and how they could be adapted to Adult size sweaters.  This baby jacket is one I thought had potential
 I worked a little schematic up on it, with a vision of a possible knit camp project for this summer's theme knitting under the influence.
 I pulled out of the stash Cheryl's yarn in Evening colors and cast on.  It wasn't really was I visioned, the left side pieces looking a little short and squat.  So I put it aside for other things, always thinking I would come back to it.
Well, as great minds think alike, Cheryl came out with the Adult Hanten earlier this week.  She's done a much better job of it (cause she is the expert) and so it goes.

Of course, I have cast on one with the same yarn for a new one, pictures and post later this weekend.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

It's Better Than Groundhog Day

It's camp application day!  Doesn't matter what the groundhog sees tomorrow, all that counts is that Char, Linda and I make the pull on the lottery for camp spots.

Let winter stay for 6 more months.  I can handle the kind of winter we have had this year.  Well, maybe a little cooler for sweater wearing, but just make sure I get into camp.  Thats all that counts right now.