Thursday, February 02, 2012

This Is Kind Of Funny

 A few months ago, I saw this book that I thought would be kind of interesting.

 In the book was Cheryl Oberle's Baby Hanten.  Now, I am always looking at small sweaters and how they could be adapted to Adult size sweaters.  This baby jacket is one I thought had potential
 I worked a little schematic up on it, with a vision of a possible knit camp project for this summer's theme knitting under the influence.
 I pulled out of the stash Cheryl's yarn in Evening colors and cast on.  It wasn't really was I visioned, the left side pieces looking a little short and squat.  So I put it aside for other things, always thinking I would come back to it.
Well, as great minds think alike, Cheryl came out with the Adult Hanten earlier this week.  She's done a much better job of it (cause she is the expert) and so it goes.

Of course, I have cast on one with the same yarn for a new one, pictures and post later this weekend.

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michelle523 said...

I love one-skein wonders. I am blogging about 101 Designer One-skein Wonders today. what a coincidence.