Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Ready

On Friday, 12 of us knitters will meet up in Madison WI, for our 2nd Annual Knitting Away Weekend.  So, you know, I am planning what knitting to take!  I am containing it to my knitting bag and with the exception of one extra ball of yarn to start a new shawl, my knitting consists (so far) WIPs.  I really am trying to do my best to get some things off of needles. And this weekend, that is what I am going to do my best to do.

I finally have decided on the baby girl projects but I am leaving them at home, telling myself that once I get home I have free reign on knitting on baby stuff!

Also, along my trip, I will have my notebook of patterns.  In this notebook, are the patterns that I might need this weekend to knit on and some of the patterns that I might like to look for yarn for.

This weekend is really about knitting, but there are two shops in the area that I am planning on checking out.

Sow's Ear
and Lakeside Fibers

I've been to both of these shops last year with friend, Sue on our way to Minnesota for Minnesota Knitters Days.  I blogged then about Sow's Ear.  If I lived closer Sow's Ear would be my LYS.  They open at 8 in the morning and are attached to a coffee shop.  How much better can it get???

Looking so forward to this weekend with friends and knitting.

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