Sunday, February 19, 2012

So I'm Already Thinking Ahead

I'm working on Fundamentally Faroese #1 for a KAL over on the Folk Shawls board on Ravelry.  But, yesterday as I turned around at the shop, I see a yarn that is just me.  When I see something like that, I just have to buy.  This time I bought two. 

Problem is, what shall it be?  I'm already thinking about another Faroese Shawl to use both of them,  but this time from the book Faroese Knitting Patterns. 
No lace, just plain knitting and seeing how far it goes.  The yarn is Cascade's Heritage Silk Handpaint and is fingering weight.  I am not necessarily thinking about a long shawl but something to throw over turtlenecks.  Even though it appears that real winter is going away with the 40 degree temps we are having. 
One skein would have been sufficient but now I have the dilemna of using two up. 

Then there is always my fave - Wool Peddler Shawl with a ruffle again.  I seem to be a fan of Wool Peddler by Cheryl Oberle these days.  I've made one out of Kauni and donated it.  I made a shoulder one that I love wearing with my Teal Turtle.  I have one in my purse out of Miss Babs that is going to be a ruffle one. 

As always, I am heading over to Ravelry to make my decision, maybe.

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