Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Say Ahhhh

Saturday was a good day.  I got some serious cleaning done.  I have my current knitting organized into bags and in my mind of what I am knitting on when.  It's early am and not tired so I decided to have a little treat before starting my WW week.

 Mmmmm, pretty good.  I'm not even letting the reddi whip melt into the cup.  Dipping my spoon down into the coffee, getting a bit of it and the reddi whip.  I see a new fave dessert for me at night.

 I found the Reddi Wip at Walmart and it is fat free.  Not so much with the belgian chocolate toffee creamer, but I'll just point it out when I use it.

 One of the cool things is my couch is free of knitting.  Seems like it has had a project or two sitting on it for several weeks.  They are now in my knitting bags.  That feels pretty darn good to see a place for somewhere to actually sit.

With a little bit of luck the second sleeve on the Bloomsbury Jacket should be done on Sunday and then it is just the front bands that will need to be done.  I'm hoping for a finished jacket on Tuesday night, if all goes well.

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