Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Awaited

Look what showed up in my mail today!  I've been waiting for this newly released tomb since I passed it up at Knit Camp in 1996.  June Hiatt has been working on this version forever and the knitting world has been asking every time we could when, when, when?  

My copy arrived today from Schoolhouse Press and this book is heavy.  I do mean heavy!! Think encyclopedia of old heavy.   But, I'm going to enjoy looking at it and having it next to the chair when I need it for reference.

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Jodee said...

Hi Penny - I got my copy Thursday and hope to be able to sit down and look through it this weekend. What a wealth of information!!
Congrats on becoming a grandma this year-it's the best! My grandson turned 1 last week - it goes by so fast. Lots of fun.