Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping In Madison

Just a few things to report.  Of course, I was always on the look out for girlie baby knitting.  And yes, I found some great things to add to my knitting for Baby Girl H.

Can you believe it?  I didn't choose the Caribe Blue as I was tempted to.  But rather this pretty Sublime in piglet colorway.  Having some great fun knitting on it.

And with the help of knitting friend, Jenny, these buttons were just too darn cute to pass up.  I love buttons!

As I get to it, I'll post pics of what I am knitting out of this Sublime book I picked up.  There is a really cute Sailor Sweater in the book that is out of Caribe Blue and white that will be a definite for a later date.  The pattern on the front has little heart patterns on it, that will be so cute to go with the pink heart blanket I am going to knit out of Pacific.  Could be a great shower gift ensemble...

Those are the things that I bought for baby knitting.  Tomorrow, I'll show you what I bought for me.  Like I need anything.  A hit and a couple of misses.

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