Thursday, March 01, 2012

Just Needed Blocking and Buttons

Finally, a couple of finished projects.  They both have needed some blocking and buttons which I managed to get done these last few days.  It feels so good to have a couple of things off the needles. I am seriously working hard to get some wips off of needles even though I am itching to baby knit, which I am doing in between.

 The Bloomsbury Jacket from Knitted Jackets has been on the needles since last year at Stitches Midwest when I found the yarn I had been looking for.  Knitted out of Cascade Dolce which is discontinued.  I can see this sweater next year being worn with gray pants and a cream turtle or heather gray turtle. 

I'll get to wear it this weekend I think, but with the warm weather fast approaching here, I doubt that I will get to wear it much this year.

The top down raglan from Knitting Pure and Simple has been on the needles since Stitches Midwest 2010.  The yarn is Mushishi that I bought from Mass Ave Knits.  This one too, has been a fun knit.  You know how I love top down.  The problem with this sweater and yarn was finding the right buttons, but I managed to do that at my neighborhood Walmart.  Go figure.

Onto the next wip!

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