Thursday, March 29, 2012

House Hunting

The on again off again saga.  The Tall Guy and I discuss houses more than almost anything lately.  Tonight, we saw two potential houses.  Just goes to show you a lot of homes look better on paper than in person.  I do think though that we are making a committment to continue the search for a different house.

Funny thing, both houses we looked at tonight, the owners definitely had children and they were out growing the houses they were in.  We are outgrowing our house too.  Not that we have more children, but family.  It has become quite evident that we can't get 25 people in our little house for gatherings.  Something I really want to be able to do more of.

I want to also be able to accomodate family, grandchildren and friends who come to town.  I want them to have room to move around in a bedroom.  I like family gatherings.  I remember that as a child getting together with aunts and uncles and cousins and having plenty of room.  We just need more room.

Problem with two houses we saw tonight?  First one, carpets needed cleaning.  They were light and noticeable spots on them.  Dining room not big enough for my table that was my mom's.  Our table is a monstrosity and it has to fit.  Basement, a little choppy and the first thing I noticed when I walked down the stairs - musty smell.  Turned me off right away. 

Second one, just too small.  Living room way too small, only enough room for the couch, huh?  Dining room - definitely not enough room. Kitchen, one of the best features of the house.  Updated all around.  Basement warm and nicely done, plumbing questionable.  Area - backs up to the loading dock of the local Krogers.

Down side on house hunting - what's with this listing of 2 bathrooms and you go to the basement one and all they are stools, sinks and rudimentary showers.  I come home and look at my new bathroom in our basement and say this is a bathroom.

Problem?  Or not as much a problem?  Our current house is no where near being ready to sell.  Nice part, if we find a house, we can move in and then work on our current house.  And we might have talked Baby Boy B to renting it for us while we work on it.

Big problem?  Seriously need to start knitting on the yarn I have!  Sacrifices have to be made.

The saga continues.....

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