Wednesday, March 07, 2012

An Hour A Day

I think I finally made a decision on the christening blanket.  I have had a couple of false starts and a whole lot of thinking about it.  Much too much time has spent thinking that could have been used to knit. 

I started on the circular one, and am leaving it on the needles for now, just in case I change my mind.  What I didn't care for in it, is the non softness of it.  And it's on size 1 needles.

With a little help from the Tall Guy, I think this one from an out of print Patons book is the one.  There is a couple of these knitted up in Ravelry that really caught my eye.  It gives the look of a Shetland Shawl which is what I wanted. 

The only problem with it is that the side borders are knitted and then sewn on and then the final border is sewn down around all four sides.  I am hoping that when it gets there, I can solicit some help from my friends to get me on track on picking up and knitting the borders on.

I've told myself that I must knit on it at least an hour every day.  If I am thinking right, the christening won't be until probably August, so I think I have that long to complete this one.  In the mean time, there are so many baby things in my mind to knit on.  Oy.

 Meet my new needle friends.  I bought these last week from Ewe-nique Yarns at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  I have heard about these lace needles and I thought I'd give them a try.

 I bought 2s and 3s to put in my knitting bag to fill in the sizes that Knit Picks interchangeables don't have in my set.  Since I am such a loose knitter and when doing these little baby things, I am using size 4 and 5 for the main knitting and generally need a 2 for the cast on and beginning rounds.

I am not dissappointed so far.  I like the nice sharp point for the K2togs and the needle itself is not super slick, almost like a brushed aluminum.  The red cord and join are pretty decent on this fine yarn too.

 I might see more of these in my future.

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