Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Morning, Noon, and Night

Yep, I'm knitting three things at once.  Each of them have their time period for a specific reason.

This one is my Revive vest.  It's worked in pieces and there is just enough knitting on it for me in the morning while drinking my coffee, watching the news and waiting for the shower to open up.  Once the getting ready for work starts, the knitting has to stop. 

 This the Brooklyn Tweed Baby Blanket.  It's my lunchtime project at work.  There usually isn't a whole lot of time after I get done walking and eating to work on it, so it's just few enough stitches that I can get a couple of rows in.

You guessed it.  This is the evening project.  Since I have the most time at night to work on it, it sits next to me for knitting while watching t.v.  It's not real difficult, but ther are times when I am knitting the top of the hearts, that I have to pay some attention to it.  It's slow going though.  I was hoping to be further along with it by now.  It really seems like I knit a lot on it last night while watching the Voice.

I sort of have a plan of what I need to accomplish on this blanket.  At least one section of hearts needs to be completed by the end of each weekend.  If I keep to this timetable, I should have enough time to block it and have it ready to go by the baby shower on the 5th of May.

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