Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Changing Over

 When Baby Boy A got married and his bedroom became the yarn room, the closet became our storage for seasonal clothing among other things.  Before then, I had these huge Dell computer boxes in the basement that I would have to fold everything up and put away.  They were probably stacked three high and they were heavy.  I always had to have help when switching the clothes out to lift them down and then put them back up when I was finished.  Coupled with the fact that the basement is a little humid, every season I would have to wash the clothes before even thinking about wearing them.

With it all of a sudden becoming late Spring here this week, I had to go to the closet to find some clothes for the Tall Guy and I to wear.  At the same time, it became evident, that it was time to put some of the winter knitting away as well.

 For just a moment, I was hopeful that maybe I could wear this Blackstone Tweed vest yet this Spring as well if I would finish it.  Looking more closely, it is way too heavy and has a quite a bit of wool among other fibers in it that is not real conducive to spring wearing.

One of the things I decided to do when switching out my winter knitting was to switch needles too.  I cannot see the sense of putting away my fave knitting needles, Knit Picks Options for a whole seasons.  And since I have a collection of needles of pre-Knit Picks circular needles, I decided to use them as sort of place holders for my knitting before putting it away until next Fall.

The patterns of stored knits are going into the orange binder where all WIP patterns go if they can.  That way, next Fall or late this Summer when I am ready to pick them back up, I just have to go to the orange book.

The Cotton Kisses baby pullover is not being stored, but this is a project that I keep in another room, in case I need a little knitting when I am there.  Originally, it was for a baby shower last year, but I decided a hand knit sweater was a bit too much for a relatively unknown baby.  Since I don't knit on it much, I decided it didn't warrant holding my knit picks needles hostage, I decided to switch it over to some different needles as well.

While switching over this one, I am re-evaluating it.  This yarn would be pretty darn good for a little tank top.  According to a pattern in Ravelry, it is possible to knit it out of this with just shy of two balls.  So, I might just check that out at Knit Four Together and see if there is another one of these.  So as they say on American Idol, this sweater may be in jeopardy of not returning.

And finally, my new spring project.  This is one that I will take to knit on knit night, I think.  It is a vest that I picked up the yarn when we were in Madison a few weeks ago.   Idiot knitting and also knitting that I can do if I just have a couple of minutes to knit in the morning.

There is lots of baby knitting in the works too, but I'll leave those for another blog.

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Kristen said...

You sound very organized and I look forward to seeing what baby things you're making. I have a few baby things going on too, for a friend's first grandchild so all of a sudden I am looking a baby knits.