Sunday, March 04, 2012

Finshed d'Objects

 Wingspan is done.  I actually started this back at the end of January, but the bulk of it was finished this weekend while at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  I knitted on it Friday night after getting home while catching up on American Idol.  Then finished it today while watching a new videocast:  mommyneedsyarn.  I met Erin at the Retreat and thought what the heck, might as well listen to something while knitting on it.

It needs blocking, but that will wait til after dinner tonight when I can have the table back.  I am not going to block it much though.  The little shawlette took all of the ball of Zauerball but 3 yards left.  It is really still amazing to me on how much I can accomplish when I concentrate on one project. 

Now, just to decide what is next.

 Just a couple of pictures of the Mushshishi Top Dow Raglan from Knitting Pure and Simple on a body.  I wore this Friday night to retreat.  I sure am glad that I did as it was darn cold out on Friday with the winds a whipping.
This has been done a while, just waiting on blocking, which I did last Monday while off and buttons which I finally sewed on Wednesday night.  I like the way this fits.  But, boy did I notice how tired those eyes are a looking.  And that was before the knitting retreat.

Off to find the next WIP to get it off of the needles!

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