Friday, February 03, 2012

It's Abundantly Clear

By the piles that are sitting around me, that I really need to knit more and surf the net less.  Quelle surprise!

But, what is really  abundantly clear is that I had better make my mind up about the Christening Shawl.  As I was talking to my daughter-in-law last night she made a comment that the pregnancy is 1/2 over...OMG, light a fire granny, you've got work to do. Then the email comes from her with possible shower weekends...April, May...double OMG!

Gotta run and commit tonight!!  Suggestions????


Kristen said...

Yes, don't join Pinterest!

Jenny L. said...

Do you know what it is yet? If not are they going to find out and let you know? I have the Itty Bitty Hat book if you want to borrow it... Also, I have most of the Sublime baby books :) So cute!!!!

Penny said...

They are not sure yet if they are going to find out. I sure hope so.

I may have to borrow your collection, although, I am developing one with those sublime books!