Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Finds

While getting some things ready for blocking a couple of weeks ago, I ran into a couple of knitted things that have been waiting for over a year to be blocked.  Just in time I might add, so I blocked one this weekend and discovered that I didn't really need to block the other.

 This little shawlette has an unusal look to it when flat.  I knitted it last year while attending Paula's knitting weekend.  It is out of one ball of Zauerball and has possibilites of different ways to wear it.  I just need to figure out which one is going to be for me. 

This sweater from Chicknits is knitted out of Eco Duo and has to be two years done and waiting for blocking.  In the beginning, I wasn't real crazy of how it looked laying out.  I thought that I had knit it too short (after a second take out) and was not real happy with the additional shaping that I used for it. 

You can see how it conforms to the waist on the the mannequin.  On Sunday, I tried it on myself and low and behold, I like it!  The added waist shaping is just what I needed, and it hit where all of my good sweaters should, just below the belly.

It's going to be a winner I have declared.  And it really did not need blocking.  Even better.

I just love it when I find cool sweaters already to go!

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