Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Finds

I've got a few for this week.  Last Friday and Saturday, I went to the Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  We always get a new bag (different color handles each year).

And a couple of skeins of Quince yarn.  This year, I got a different color than the rust hues I've been getting.

On Saturday, after lunch, some of the attendees who are vendors set up in the dining room to sell.  One of my fave vendors is Leading Men Fiber Arts and I had to pick a couple of skeins from their booth.

Amy Beth from the Fat Squirrel Speaks knitting video cast always has a bag that she makes specific to the retreat.  The fabrics are so different from those that I have that I try to pick one up either for myself or for a friend.

Not from Knitting Pipeline, but from Molly Klein Designs, I had to order a new Snoopy bag.  She knows I am a fan so she gives me a heads up on Instagram.  This one looks Snoopy is a constellation.  I am loving it!

When I could not attend January Thaw, my partner in crime brought me back a bag from Kitchen Counter Crafts.  This one is now residing in my purse so it can go with me everywhere!

Some of the Knit Wits are at Stitches West this weekend.  There was no way I could go this year, so my friend Kendra is shopping for me.  I can't wait to show you next week what she found!  Yarn Souvenirs, they are the bestest!!

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