Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday ~ Small Business Saturday

Regular readers know that I am at home today.  I refuse to go out and shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving and I absolutely refuse to shop on Thanksgiving!  It is from all of those Fridays of working retail!

I will, however,  go out tomorrow for small business Saturday to shop my local yarn shop!  Today, we have all just spent the day lazying about.  I have Home and Garden TV on and have been watching the House Hunters Marathon.  Some of them I have seen, a few not.  Gosh, I which I was made of money, I sure could go for some of those places with the turquoise water.

I have accomplished almost no knitting today, instead trying to figure out just what pattern to knit out of my Tosh Merino Light.

I think Breezy may be the winner.

But, until Cusco is finished I cannot start anything new.  That was the deal I made with myself.

Yesterday, I measured the back of the wrap around cardigan for Miss Mona Lisa.  I was a bit worried about what I was seeing when I looked at it in pieces, so I attempted to throw the back up against her to check it out.

Have you ever tried to do that on the back of a bucking horse?  I was a bit disappointed because it appeared to not fit.  So, today, I went to this handy dandy website Knit It Now and compared measurements with my sweater.  It appears that I am okay so I am going to motor on and finish the sweater.

While surfing Ravelry for possibilities for the Tosh Merino Light, I ran across a sleeveless tunic.  It  would be so cool out of another Madelinetosh yarn that I have my eye on at the shop.  Tell me I don't need this, will you?!  Modern Tunic

Because after all tomorrow is Small Business Saturday and I may feel the need to support my local yarn shop by buying the yarn for it!

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