Monday, November 04, 2013

What Do You Get?

Take one of these - Blueberry Tootsie Pop, courtesy of the lady I work with.

Add some of this Madelintosh in Button Jar Blue (just in last week at Knit 4 Together), purchased with my money, but delivered to work by knitting friend Debbie on her way from an appointment.

And what do you get?  Strange looks from the people I work with when I take the pictures of them both!  They just wouldn't get the whole blog thing (and I am not sure I want them to!)

Not 100% sure what it is going to be yet.  I think Hannah Fettig's Breezy cardigan.  I don't have enough yet, but I did see where Jimmy Beans Wool has the same colorway.  I believe I will order an extra skein from them.  That is what I had to do a couple of years ago when the local yarn shop didn't get enough of another Madelinetosh for a whole sweater.  Jimmy Beans to the rescue.  Gotta love them!

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