Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finally Finished

But not on Friday.  I really tried my hardest to stay up last night to finish my Simple Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl last night but the legs got restless and that is a sure time that I should be in bed.

I just had a few rows to do and I finished them up this evening and bound it off.  It still needs blocking, which I hope to get it wetted down and drying yet tonight.

The shawl is out of Hikoo's Simplicity.  It is quite soft with it's 53% Merino Superwash and has a silver thread running through it.  Too bad I don't get to keep it.  It is for our Girl's Holiday Bash at work the week after Thanksgiving.

 This year's theme is Sparkle.  As part of the bash, we put different centerpieces on each of the dinner tables with a can next to it.  Attendees get to buy tickets and put in the cans they might like to win the centerpiece.  The proceeds go towards buying prizes and centerpieces for the following year's bash.  I am getting a bit of reputation for knitting for the bash.  I just need to go shop for a blingy pin to decorate the shawl.

I am glad to get this one done, now onto to the next knit in progress.

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