Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How Many Felt Bags Does One Need?

Well, obviously, I need at least three more, because I had two WIPS in the basket, AND I felt the need to cast on the green on the far right on Sunday. You see I was waiting on my yarn to come from Knit Picks to finish the brown one and I somehow felt the need to cast on the new Garden Party Bag.

Never mind you who remember that I am suppose to be finishing not starting projects! And gaining needles! So what came today, of course my yarn from Knit Picks. Now, I have a dilemna. Which bag should I be working on? The brown is probably what I will work on first because I have an ensemble that it goes with that I would like to have it for, before the cool early Spring weather goes away and warmer temps come. See how optimistic I can be?!

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