Monday, March 06, 2006

You Never Know How Much You Use It, Until You Don't Have IT!

Our internet service went down on Saturday. When calling for help, they can't fit us in until Tuesday a.m. Please, whatever happened to having someone at your central location who can fix it with a flip of a switch? It wouldn't be so bad, but less than two months they (Gallatin River) was out and put in a new thing, refurbished but at least it worked. Now, no service.

Don't you think they ought to give me a credit on the time I can't use it? After all, I don't hold off paying my bill for 4 days when I don't have the money do I? One of the boys is taking an online class. The professor posts the quiz on the website Saturday at midnite and he has until Sunday at midnite to complete it. I have pics and stuff I want to post to the blog. I know thats a hardship. Well, not as bad as not being able to do a quiz but withdrawal is difficult for me. I'm going through so many withdrawals as it is.

Good thing they didn't catch me during PMS, huh? Okay, I'm done whining now. Barely!

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