Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Made It a Whole Week-

I went a whole week working on one project. After 16 days of Olympic Knitting, I set myself another goal to finish two projects by April 1st. Then, my reward was to be able to buy something new at the Dunlap yarn shop. But, as I was showering on Saturday (where all good thoughts come to me from), I was thinking about what kind of bag I could put some jewelry into for a fundraiser that we are having at work. The theme was St. Patrick's Day. I wanted to do something different.

And it came to me, how about a felted bag to put the jewelry in. The auction items are in our lobby case in different kinds of wrap and bags so no one knows what they are auctioning for. I wanted something that stood out as me. I thought about a bag with St.Pat's snoopy stickers on it with the jewelry in it. (I'll use that idea for next year).

Then I thought, I bet I have green wool left over from a past project I could use. Wouldn't an eyelash around the top be neat too. Oh, I might have to take a quick trip to the nearest yarn shop!

And as long as I was going to go to the nearest yarn shop, I might as well see if they had another skein of Treo so I could finish my candy cane scarf.

So off I went to shopping. Along the way, I thought it would be neat to include a scarf in a nice green for inside my bag for the auction as well. I found just what I wanted for around the top of the bag, and there was enough yardage on it to make a scarf.

But, this ribbon yarn also caught my eye in the yarn shop window. So, I bought it too. After all one can never have enough scarves.

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