Friday, March 24, 2006

Ain't That A Shame!

My apologies to the Bradley fans. But, I am glad it is over. Now, we can concentrate on real stuff. At least when the local t.v. stations get past it. Like Cardinal baseball. And knitting.

I've got a new bag. I have decided not only do I collect snoopy stuff, knitting related statues and stuff, caribe blue stuff and flipflop paraphenelia, I collect bags! I couldn't resist ordering this one from the Windy City Knitting Guild that I member of. Sure, I am 3 hours + away from them, but I am a member. They have great teachers they bring in a couple of times a year and prolific knitters that you can learn so much from. So, I added it to my collection. Isn't it neat. Wouldn't a couple of walls lined in knitting bags look cool in my knitting room (someday)? Heck, why not, some people hang their baseball hat collection like that, why not knitting bags!

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