Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Look What Was On My Doorstep...

I couldn't resist when I heard that both of the originals were on DVD now and had either some added audio or added techniques. I have both in tapes, but when something even remotely new comes out from Schoolhouse Press, I just have to have it.

The nice thing about the DVDs is that you can go right to a specific chapter without haveing to fast forward through all the other stuff. I popped Knitting Workshop in last night and went right to the added audio interview at the end between Meg and Cully. Specifically, a couple of things caught in my brain that I knew, but it was interesting to hear them confirmed by Meg. She said that some would put the tape in just to listen to Elizabeth's soothing voice for company while they knit. And how originally the tapes were done as a way for those who could not go to camp could experience her expertise. That's me. Sometimes, her voice and Meg's is so soothing, that I just fall asleep in my chair. It's not the content, just the peaceful place they take you to!

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