Friday, May 28, 2004

The Yarn Diet is off, the Yarn Diet is on. Much like the real diet that I am on. But, if someone else purchases yarn for you does it mean that the diet was off? Okay, so I reimbursed said person for the yarn. So I made it officially on diet until today, when my good friends Norma and Jan went with me to Needleworks in Champaign and Mary's in Eureka.

What a great day! I took a vacation day and the first stop was Needleworks. I haven't been there since they expanded way back last year. What fun! I got yarn for two birthday presents, two baby gifts, Lavold's newest books that we had been looking for, some great cotton yarn for a top to match some jewelry I bought last night from Lady Remington and Deb Bigger, yarn for Univ of IL color socks, cotton Opal for socks, a great new shawl from Hypen Boy Designs (aka Matthew Hesson-McInnis) to be knitted from Cherry Tree Hills Yarn that I had a home, and a new Tee pattern from Designs from Dove Cottage. Wheww--

Then at Mary's in Eureka, Berroco Suede for a tank, a ball of Tahki, Dahlia to make another drop stitch scarf.

And as I walked out I said, I am done buying spring/summer yarn, and I am done til Stitches Midwest. But that is a lie, since I know in July when I go over to Iowa I will have to stop at a yarn shop.

Mean while, the Charlotte sits there patiently waiting for me to start up on it again. I will post pics as I complete this wonderful lot of yarns I have just brought into my home.. The yarn diet is back on as is my food diet!! Stay tuned.

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