Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Lately, when there is a semi new and different yarn in my local yarn shop, I buy one skein and test it out and see how I like it and decide if it should turn into a scarf or should I go back and buy more for a sweater. That has served me well, up until the last couple of times. Has my mind and good sense left me?

Last week when yarn shopping with my friends Norma and Jan, I bought 6 balls of Berroco Suede. I had been waiting for it. Jan helped me pick out a color that looked good on me, not my first choice mind you. I bought enough for a tank top, went home casted on and did a swatch still not blown away. Then when I was looking through my catalogs, I ran across the Suede yarn in Patternworks and a simple little shawl pattern. So I decided to turn said 6 balls into a shawl for my son's girlfriend's college graduation! I thought it would be a good choice and so did my son.

BUT---today, while knitting on it at lunch at work and still not bowled over by the feel of it, Jo, another knitter and fellow co-worker who has not retired and left me dry at lunch, echoed my thoughts that the garter stitch ridges ruin the feel of what we think the suede should feel like. So, I am about to rip it out and begin again AND--I am going to try to stop being such an impulse buyer and go back to one skein of the new and fabulous before I commit myself to something I am just not happy with! That is the moral of my story at least for now.

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