Thursday, June 03, 2004

Why Blog?

Because it is alot like family. The blogs I read almost daily number around 20. Soon links will be found on the side of my blog. But I love reading about what others are doing in the knitting world. Matt and Rob, from Threadbear Fiber Arts keep are in the process of getting another retail space and home. Matt posted pics yesterday and it was wonderful to see. Just like being there. When they get it all together, I am going to take a pilgrimage over to Indiana and check it out. Without blogging, I never would have even known about them.

And then there is all of the inspiration I get from the pictures my bloggers are knitting on. They got me started on Charlottes Web Shawl. They send me in directions I never would have found otherwise. Some of my bloggers actually live in my same state and belong to the Windy City Knitting Guild I belong to.

But why do I post? It gives me something to diary to. And someday, I hope someone will say I was an inspiration for their knitting, but first I have to finish something and take a pic of it and then get here. Soon, real soon!

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