Saturday, June 26, 2004

Today, I went with my knitting buddies to the NQA Quilt Show in Peoria. What a great show! Just looking at all the quilts while I was there made me want to go home and pull the fabric out, lube the sewing machine and sew one up. BUT--by the end of the show, the feeling was lost and I was ready to knit again.

While we were walking through the quilts, over to the side sat a lady, knitting on a dishcloth. When Norma gave her the thumbs up, she said she had spent the whole day before sitting at her station and she figured she could knit up at least a dish cloth today while she sat at her post. Norma wondered if I had my knitting with me? But of course, I said, it is very rare that in my bag that I don't have at least a sock to knit on, just in case. The other thing I always have with me is my Palm. Where would I be without it? Last week, I bought some cool software, eKnit-Kards for my Palm. I have loaded and still am working my way through it all, hopefully will get to start entering some things this weekend.

One of the neat things, besides the database you ean enter books, needles, magazines etc into is the info screens, such as Kitchener Stitch, decreases, increases, yarn yardage estimator and more. Now, I don't have to carry that reference book along with me every time I go out of town. I just will pop the Palm out and use it. I love technology!

A couple of other things caught my eye today as we walked the vendors. One was a great basket (picture tomorrow) for only $35. A couple of vendors also had some scarf yarn, but the biggest hoot today, was the vendor who was selling Hand Crocheted Scarves for $30, yes $30 and they were crocheted out of Lionbrand Homespun. Amazing! I had to make sure at least of my friends saw this too, cause I just could not believe my eyes. Just imagine if they had knitted one out of some really cool yarn?!

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