Friday, March 01, 2013

Mona Lisa's Closet

The patterns are all from Mabel's Closet by Hannah Fettig.  As soon as I saw the book, I knew a certain special someone needed the whole ensemble.  I have to admit I was not all that original on the color choices except for the little dress, using most of the colors that Hannah had used in her samples.  Mainly, I went with colors that Knit 4 Together had in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merinos Silk DK.

I started the ensemble in late December and finished up the final piece last night.  Now I get to take a little break from Mona Lisa knitting and knit something for me.  Of which there are lots to choose from!

The whole ensemble.  I like them, but I cannot say that it is the best knitting I have ever done.  My real criticism of the ensemble is how the yarn behaved after blocking.  It really loosened and stretched a bit. I'll have to remember that in the future and go down one more size in needles than I did here.

 The Spring Beret.  I used the same color as the trim on the jumper.

The plan was to knit one more beret using all of the colors of the ensemble.  I have plenty of yarn that I could, but maybe later.  I just was not into doing another stripe piece right now.

  I knitted on the Spring Jumper all weekend last weekend.  I used the technique of lifting the stitch in the previous row so as to eliminate the jog.  I did it on the back so you could not see it on the front.  I have to give full disclosure here, it wasn't my best effort, where you cannot see the jog, it does a little something to the look of the back.  I blocked and pulled it as best I could, but still not 100% happy with it.  That little technique is going to need more practice.

The Spring Frock.  This is my most favorite of the pieces and the one I knitted first.  I tightened up the neckline a bit so it doesn't hang down so low.

And finally the Cradle Cardigan.  I ended up having to rip back the sleeves as they were way too long for me.  And the cuff is quite huge.  I think that is so it can go over the Spring Frock if you wanted to.

All the pieces are done and wrapped up in a box for Miss Mona Lisa.  Did I say she is coming for a visit later today???

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