Sunday, March 03, 2013

Now What?

It's quiet here in Chez Halverson.  Mona Lisa has gone home, it is Sunday afternoon, I'm doing some laundry and trying to figure out what my next main focus will be in knitting.

Downton Abbey is over and the only thing worth watching tonight is going to be The Good Wife and Hawaii Life.  My biggie project, Mona Lisa's Closet is done and making it's way to her home.

I figured while there wasn't much on the t.v. for background knitting sound, I decided to get caught up with some podcasts.  One that I listen to very intermittently is Double Knit, because I met Jessica several years ago at Knit Camp.  I decided to sit down with the headphones this afternoon and listen to them, while I figure which knitting project I should concentrate on next.  (I've got a couple, so we will see what shakes loose on that avenue later.)

Anyway, in Double Knit's Show Notes, they have Sweet Georgia Yarns listed.  I get a lot of great ideas from show notes on podcasts that sometimes take me down a rabbit hole that is best that I don't go down, but it can be wealth of knitting info and new yarns I might say.  I clicked on the link for video of her business and all I can say is WOW!  The colors jump out and the yarn on the video begs for you to reach out and touch it!  I dare you, take a look...I think I have to have some?!

I know it is not Wednesday, but just take a gander at this video.!prettyPhoto/-1/

With that I am off to pull out something to concentrate on next.  Standby for tomorrow to see what that is!

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