Monday, March 18, 2013

Have You Ever Done This?

Pulled out all or some of the past knitting magazines for a season and just looked through them?

I have quite a magazine collection and I like taking them out periodically to see what might catch my fancy for the coming season.  This is probably my version of Ravelry, back in the day when there wasn't Ravelry, I was dependent upon my books and magazines collection to pick something out to knit.

 What I really was looking for was a Springy top for some Ultra Pima that I picked up a few weeks back.  It was originally slated for a Mystery KAL, but it just wasn't quite right.  Purl Soho has a little top that may be what it needs to be, but I still am not quite sure.

In my afternoon of magazine memory lane, I found a trio of tops that I really liked the first time and have a kind of hankering to do, maybe.

Problem is, just because I like them, does not necessarily mean that they will like me.  This little purple number is maybe doable, if I extend those arms a bit, because lets face it I have some  fat arms that rarely see this short of a sleeve.

 This taupe top was a sample at Ewe-nique Yarns a couple of years ago.  The knitter changed it quite a bit by not doing the lace ties and knitting just a straight tank out of.  It was a great little number that definitely could go under one of the many little Mizrahi sweater tops I have.

And finally, I still love this top.  The yarn has been discontinued, but I have some Ty-Dye that I could use for it.  It is totally a fun knit and probably would not get a whole lot of public wearing, but I just love it.

I think knitting should be fun every once in a while.  When I got done on Saturday, I had about a dozen Spring/Summer patterns that I wouldn't mind knitting this season.

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