Sunday, March 10, 2013

Long Term Forecast

I am pretty sure our days of super cool are going.  At least that is what the long term forecast is here in Central Illinois.  It looks like gradually warming weather as we proceed through next week.

Now, this next little bit, may come as a surprise to some readers and to others, well, frankly, you are going to be saying to yourself, yeah, that doesn't surprise me, I kind of get the feeling that she would do something like that.

Here goes.  At the start of each week, I take my paper calendar, and write down the temps that are forecasted for the work week.  I, also, put on the calendar what events I might have.  Then, as the week progresses, I write down what I wore to work that week.  Are you still with me?  Reasoning behind that, if I didn't I would be wearing the same thing every week, and someone who will remain nameless on this blog would remember that they had seen me in said outfit just the week before.

This all stems back from my early years of employment, when one of the supervisor's I worked with wore the same outfit every kidding.  She could afford more outfits, but that is what she did.  We "assumed" that she washed it every day, but no one was ever sure AND no one ever called her on it, that just wasn't a polite thing to do then.

I vowed then, that would never be me.  So, the calendar started a few years back so I could make sure that the meetings I had with the same people would never find me in the same outfit I wore to the last meeting.  Or the last sweater.

Now, normally, I toss the last year's calendar about two months into the new year, but for some reason this year, I have kept it (oh, I know, it is because it has some password info in it that I haven't transferred over to yet.)  Anyway, I pulled it out as a historical tool, and noticed that about a year ago next week,  Central IL started having unseasonably warm weather - mid 70's and almost 80.  And for the most part, that was the end of winter, the end of early spring and the start of a long hot summer.

Which means, I gotta start thinking about my Spring knitting and pretty dang fast.

Woosh, that was a long way to getting to the subject.  But, thats it for right now.  Spring is coming, what will you be wearing?

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Kristen said...

I think I'm going to put my heavier winter sweaters on hold (like we really need winter sweaters in California!) and moving on the spring knitting. I love the change of seasons and the knitting changes too!