Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Really Am Knitting

I just don't have anything to show for it. I'm doin alot of baby knitting at the moment. But, none of it is to the point where I want to show it off. The ensemble that I was knitting for the baby's dedication has been put on hold. I'm not sure it can be accomplished in a month, well I am almost sure it can't, cause I have all this other stuff I want to get done at the same time.

Like what? A couple of scarves for the Girls' Holiday Bash. A couple of pair of flip flops for the Girls' Holiday Bash. Some sox for special people for the holidays. A scarf for the gal back in Receiving. A scarf for a lady who used to work with us for Christmas. A scarf for another friend at work (she loves em).

And then I want/need to finish my Suspender Sweater.

There is just way too much to do again and so little time!

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