Friday, October 01, 2004

No pictures, cause I don't have anything new to report. However, how did it get to be October 1? I want to start something new, but I must hold true and work on my Noro Kujako vest and finish that scarf I started yesterday before I had a little outpatient surgery. I need to go sit in my chair now and knit. Just wanted to let all know the surgery went fine. I feel pretty good except for the throat that feels like when you are getting strep, but that is from the tube, I know, but just needed to whine! Where's the cheese?

I love Fall, seriously, but when it gets to be October 1, I need to start finishing those winter sweaters so they will be ready. Instead, I am working on Christmas and December bdays. I have got to get a handle on this. Maybe 2005 is the year. Speaking of I picked up this cool 2005 calendar box at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday. It has a pattern for each day of the new year. Be sure and check it out, and the price was around $15 too. I also ordered Betsy McCarthy's Knit Socks book and it is in already. Can't wait to get it, it is one of those books that is cut out to look like a sock. Next Tuesday, when I can drive again, I'll go pick it up.

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