Saturday, January 01, 2005

Only one more day and it is back to work! As a good friend told me this week, this last week has been what retirement is like! That's nice, I only have about 7 years until I can even think about retiring and only about 17 until I can afford to retire.

Today started with a bang. Had an emergency phone call to the hospital for my mother-in-law who needed a pacemaker put in PDQ. Thank goodness all went well. I still had time to fit in a little knitting with my friends this p.m. but am pooped tonight. Only about 4 more ridges left and the Twisted Sisters jacket will be done for picture taking purposes. I sure hope it fits. Then, back to Cabin Fever Poncho. I am on a roll, don't stop me now!

With the time I have spent at the hospital the last few days, I did manage to get some knitting done on a gift for mid January. Still alot of knitting to do for it, but I prefer that it be done at home not at the hospital. Four, no five projects left that I HAVE to knit, and then it is knit just for me and WHAT I want too. 2005 it's all about me. I think...

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