Saturday, January 08, 2005

Twisted Sisters Jacket, finished but not! This is a strange pattern but I love it. There really wasn't any schematics only a gauge as to how many ridges to do. So, I knit it blind almost, something I never do, stress never. I always check gauge and know exactly how something is going to fit. But this one, I just knit blindly on it. Now, I am adding a 3 inch band to each of the sleeves in the blue. And then, will probably add 3 inches as a band around the bottom. The colors are yet to be deternined for that. I love the yarn, it is Araucania Nature Wool made in Chile. The style of the Pythagorean Theorum Jacket is not a good one for me, it is much like the Obi Jacket, but it will be nice as a sweater to wear to keep warm around home and when I go to my friend's house. Posted by Hello

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