Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's me.! I have not fell off the face, just been extremely busy. Only 2 1/2 weeks to Punta Cana vacation. And of course the thin body I promised myself is still out there alusive. I weigh the same as last year, but why does the belly seem larger? Anyway, I have stuff to show, I just need to take the pics and post. Some of it is knit some of it just fun. I am still trying to decide what to take to knit. I always take loads to read and usually a sock. I have been working on the same pair for 3 years! But this year, I have people at work hounding me for scarves still so I was thinking some cool scarves would be fun. And they certainly are great conversation starters! And Mary from Mary's Yarn shop in Eureka brought some really cool new scarf yarns to our Evening Knitter Group last night in Peoria. Going to see Mary on Saturday if anyone wants to meet there and knit, drink coffee from the nearby coffee house and shop of course!

Gotta get ready for work, already running behind. I promise more pics soon from my new camera, that is a story in itself.

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