Sunday, January 13, 2013

It Was A Sunday of Ripping

You would think that knitting a stupid little peapod would be so much trouble, would you?!  This one has had several different cast ons today.  And rip outs.    I have finally settled on casting on more stitches than pattern calls for, with a much smaller needle, with two strands of Pacific variegated.

It took a bit to get the right size across, since I am such a loose knitter, and really have a thing about the little tosies hanging out in the last one I did.  

I tried a novelty yarn as suggested by the lys, but I just was not loving it.

It, too got ripped out and now has made it to the give away bag for Aftica.  The reason it is in two balls is that about 10 rows into, there was big, very noticeable knot.  Ugh...I should have know then that it was not meant to BE.

I am on track with the knitting of what I am calling the Loose Knitter's Peapod for now.  It will go to work with me tomorrow to work on at lunch and at my pedicure appointment.  The owner is always wanting to know what I am knitting on when I go out there.

For now, it is a night to knit on something else while watching the Golden Globes.  I love it when there is good knitting t.v.!

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Kristen said...

Hi Penny, thank you for your comment. Shelter yarn is a bit scratchy without a light t shirt underneath. It's bouncy and fun to knit with and warm to wear, but I think it's best for outerwear. I think I'll edit my post to say that. Loved watching the Golden Globes last night, weren't the gowns gorgeous?