Tuesday, January 08, 2013

On Being Emphatic

Just when I get on my soap box and say how pleased I am with this or that, it comes back to bite me.

I've been doing the Wheat Free thingy off and on for about a month.  I have had some good success with it.  And when I have cheated, I've felt it.  I even bought some expensive bread that I thought would help.  So why then this morning and I am feeling the pain.

My mom had a saying once, if you get greedy all you get is weedy...or something like that.  Basically, it was a saying of humility, don't tout your success cause it can sometimes be your downfall.

OR in my case, it could be something else I need to look at - the chocolate/peanut butter popcorn maybe?!  I am beginning to think you are right, Sue - it is an all thing.

 Anyway, sorry for the digression, back to knitting.  This whole thing does come together.  Just this last weekend, I was telling the knitting ladies, how I liked my Addi Clicks Lace.  Perhaps, I should have just kept it to myself because, look what happened on Saturday night.

My Cusco jacket is out of a finer Alpaca yarn that seemed to be dragging against the join of my Knit Picks so I put them on my Addi Laces hoping that would help.  The thing about the Addi Clicks is you really have to have them clicked together and not pushing and turning when you are shifting the yarn around or you get what I got, blip and the needles come apart.

Now, I know some have had that with the Knit Picks needles too, but me not so much.  Oy, there I go again, I think I just stop there before I get myself into more problems.

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