Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finished Objects That Worked

It wasn't a complete fail this weekend on the knitting front.  Some objects did manage to turn out right!

The baby blanket for my new great niece to be, Bella was blocked yesterday.  I, currently block on my dining room table that has a ceiling fan over it.  I kick the fan on high to accelerate the blocking time.  With frigid temps yesterday, it was a little crazy looking here.  The fan on high and me under my heated throw.

 A little add to for the shower present, is my loose knitter's version of the peapod.  I used two strands of Pacific and a size 10 needle to get a closer knit gauge for mine.

I am pleased with the outcome of mine, hopefully keeping those little tosies from poppin out.  I have started another one for idiot knitting.  This time it will be out of bulky Pacific and following the same lines I did for this one.

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